There is a sea of difference. I used to eat something thinking it is a wholesome meal, after enrolling, I understood what is nutrition and what a full nutritious meal look like.
What I am today is because of my diet change. I can see the performance enhancement - agility, speed and everything. I could feel myself more fit than before.
Footballer - Indian National Team
The biggest difference is in my energy level. In spite of all the activities, I can see that I'm active throughout the day. And I get a good 7-8 hours of sleep now.
Wedding Planner
The kind of knowledge about food I got from Sneha opened up a whole new dimension of understanding on what I've been eating so far in life.

Smitha Rao


Sneha worked with manual therapy for soft tissue release and Pilates session to improve Range of Motion on the knee. In about 16 sessions, my knee showed improvement in terms of stability, strength and movement.

Sneha made a customized rehab program for me which strengthened my back, core and hips and also has immensely helped me feel so confident again. I have begun playing and hope to compete soon!

Sridevi KR


Sneha’s programme isn’t just a mundane one — it’s about food philosophy. You know why you are eating a particular food and how it should be eaten. The aspect of mindfulness adds a lot of value to the course.

Of course, you learn about nutrition and portion control, and these become imbibed in you by the time you finish the programme.
You will lose inches, not just kgs, if you are sincere in your effort, and find a fitter and calmer you.

Mangala Jois


I have had consultation in the past from other dieticians but Sneha has a methodical approach among all of them. She explained every bits and pieces in simple human understandable language.
The diet what she explained me assured me would be different from everything I tried due to the fact that it’s not about restricting calories to lose weight in the short term but rather it was a method of shifting the way your body handles sugars or carbs as well as proteins in the long term and using fat for energy. This diet has definitely had more noticeable long-term positive effects than any other diets i have tried.

Ravi Shankar


I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I’ve tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success I’ve had over the past four months from following your recommendations and from what I’ve learned using the Personal Diet (from Sneha).

Rashmi rao


Sneha simply knows every muscle in the human body and how to work with them! Pilates is slowly gaining popularity in India , thanks to all our Bollywood celebrities. But Pilates is for everyone and these sessions helped me get relief from lower back pain I had started to develop after long hours of sitting while working or driving .

Sneha also made a small home workout plan for me that I can follow everyday with just a yoga mat and no fancy equipments…thanks Sneha!

Sushma Parash​


Sneha is a wonderful fitness and nutritionist. She is cheerful and approachable  always make her clients feel welcome and comfortable. I was suffering from severe celiac pain and always thought it was my lower back. Little did I know until I consulted Sneha and she had me pain free within two sessions of therapy. Now  I am able to confidently perform my exercises and lift heavier weights. She is highly qualified and experienced in pain management. I am very happy to have consulted her and pain free since then



Been really fortunate to have come to know a person of Sneha’s caliber. Initially had gone to her for improving my lung capacity (breathing) after having suffered wheezing for quite some time.

The breathing techniques she taught were simple and most importantly very effective. Had trained under her for overall strength training too and also for injury rehabilitation. She was meticulous and the results were really there to see for all. To sum it up a thorough professional who is just the best at what she does.

Pallavi, Parin’s mother


I went to Sneha when my daughter was  on the verge of giving up badminton due to her shoulder pain. Because of Sneha’s effective treatment my daughter is still pursuing her hobby painlessly. Infact Sneha is  now called ‘aunty with a magical touch’.

Sneha is very committed to her patients and very efficient in her work but more than that she is extremely humble and calm, and so full of positivity that one finds any injury vincible. She listens to all one’s queries patiently and explains everything in detail. Thank you Sneha for the miracle you have done!



It was my baby steps to pilates . This class gave me the inspiration to continue with Pilates.sneha gave me the right instruction about breathing so that I could really synchronise the breathing with exercises.
She made me strong.