The word focus is extremely clichéd if you ask me… we probably hear it either through our parents or our teachers, and I think because of this, the true meaning of focus is hidden.

We associate focus with force and dislike. To add to things, parents and schools don’t necessarily teach children how to focus.

Like any other subject or art, focus must be practised.

Giving your 100% to the work that you are doing at this very moment, is focus. The fact that you are reading this article with no distraction is focus.
When you sit down to read a new novel or in the middle of your video game, you are focused.

So there it is, you know how to focus. Apply this into the work you want to get done!

The fact of the matter is that we are able to give our full attention to something that we love doing. So what is it that you love doing? Is it gaming? Drawing? Learning? Whatever it is, do it!

Do what makes you happy, and the focus will come without any effort, and with your consistency, results will start flowing in 🙂

About the author

Hey there! I’m Aditi Pradeep and the articles you’re going to read ahead are written by me!

I’m sixteen years old and I’ve been through my share of drama and change. However exhausting it may seem, I’m here to tell you that there’s a solution. I haven’t figured everything out myself but I’m working on it. Every single day is progress. And we’ll try to understand this ever-changing world together.

I was a YLAC Fellow in the batch of 2018 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learnt how to be a more socially aware and inclusive human being. I love to sing and I play the piano. Music for me is my escape and the gateway to the end of my anxious thoughts. 

Every single day is an adventure to figure out who I am and learning from all the circumstances that I go through, shapes me as a person.

I’ve learnt through all my experiences and this is me putting it into words. I hope that someway I can make your day better and what I express helps you:) 

A little bit of kindness can change the world.Be Kind and stay happy, and just know…you’re perfect just the way you are:)

Aditi Pradeep

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