The Ultimate Self-Coaching Strategy to a Fitter YOU!

Coach Sneha

Hi đź‘‹, I’m Sneha, a level 2 certified coach from Precision Nutrition. I’m not here to tell you about the benefits of proteins carbs and fats, nor do I claim to have found a magic elixir that’s going to help you increase your longevity. But, my agenda here is to let you know that it takes more than knowing what to eat or how much to exercise to sustain being physically and mentally fit.

The following are 5 free to read articles that will help you understand the importance of crossing the barrier between knowing and actually doing. It will also help you bust the myths of your current belief system that has been forcing you to choose protocols that are restrictive and one-size-fits-all in nature.

If you are someone who is constantly trying new things but are still struggling to achieve your goals, then these are a must read for you. These articles are not just easy reads but are also available to you in an audio version to suit your comfort.

And if you do like what you read like it & share it on your social media pages to pay forward. Help your friends find their path to understand what it takes to develop and sustain a fitter life.

Nutritionally speaking of course! Find out where you stand on your journey to a healthier you. Learn about the 3 different nutrition levels and understand which level you are currently at. Finding out your nutrition level lays ground for your strategy ahead.

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Consider failure as feedback to change your strategy. Everyone is different and you find your best path by your own trials and experiences. Failures are a necessity to know learn how not to fail, but don’t let it stop you from progressing.


Understand how habits are formed, how you can mould it to your will and design healthy habits that can put you in a steady state of growth. Habit formation is the path to making long-lasting behavioural changes, it is extremely crucial to choose the right habit.


Found the right set of habit changes to a healthier you? Right now how do you stick to it? This blog is all about understanding motivation. I will be talking about  dealing with motivation or the lack of it while trying to achieve your goal.


Ask yourself if the goal or the aspiration that you are chasing after is even yours? Can you identify with it? Can you relate to it? If no, then ask yourself this simple question: “What do I want to change in any one aspect of my life?”


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