A Paradigm Shift

Time for A Paradigm Shift: “Consider failure as feedback to change your strategy”

Now that you have determined your Nutritional age and figured your goal (Read: “how old are you?”), it’s important to choose the right system, the right strategy that will ensure your success.

Think of all the times you have tried to achieve a fitness-related goal that hasn’t worked for you or isn’t working for you. Can you think of a few reasons why?

If one of the reasons you came up with, revolved around “you” or your inability to find success; you aren’t alone; I have been there and so have thousands of people. But, it’s not you; it’s the strategy you have chosen to reach your goals.

Most of us with typical Level 1 fitness goals such as, fat-loss, muscle gain,  Improving health parameters or enhancing athletic performance end up making one big mistake: We choose a protocol that insists on making too many nutritional changes, too soon.

Sure, it all seems perfect when we start off highly motivated and geared up, but when the honeymoon phase wears off or when life decides to show up; it becomes too tough to stick to all the changes we’ve made and we end up with a domino effect of multiple fallen habits which haven’t been given enough time to nurture.

So, if you are feeling like you have failed at something or if you catch yourself struggling to reach your goal; just ask yourself this simple question: “How’s that working for me?” and if you find that your current system isn’t working for you, it sure is time to change it! 

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